Gus C.

Floristry Masterclasses

Gus is the man behind the independent flower business – Augustus Bloom. In his ten years working with flowers he has made arrangements for everyone from BAFTA and The Tate, to The Pope and The Queen.

Gus is self-taught and takes huge joy in sharing his creative flair for flower arrangements with others. He uses flowers in their natural form, with the end result a loose and wild beauty. He takes great pleasure in going to New Covent Garden Flower Market every week to find the most interesting, beautiful blooms. He then takes care in every bouquet that he makes so that every stem is in a place that makes sense to him visually.

You can now learn the art of flower arrangements direct from Gus in a series of unique floristry classes in London.


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Gus C.'s Classes


Make Your Own Fabulous Bouquet – Floristry Class

Learn to make your own fabulous bouquet with this two hour floristry class with leading independent florist G...

location Canonbury

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